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Two flexible payment options

We are so confident in the success of the solution for our clients that we have 2 flexible payment options.

Volume based

The fee is volume based and we will recieve a percentage of orders received via the solution.

License based

Pay an upfront fixed cost for the build and implementation of the solution and monthly fixed subscription.

Standard package

  • Rebranded solution
  • Instant price mechanism
  • Shapecodes (UK standard)
  • Mesh
  • Accessories
  • Auto communications on order statuses
  • Access to the admin portal
  • File upload pdf/drawings
  • Customer profile page

Custom features

  • New payment option
  • Chat function
  • Custom pages 
  • Freight cost calculation
  • Order export
  • Dynamic formcodes
  • Dashboard with sales analytics
  • Return, reuse and recycle feature
  • Extended ecommerce

And more