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Get started

Up and running in 5-6 weeks.

Step 1

Experience the Rebar Easy Demo and like what you see

Step 2

Meet with our solution team and explore the features and capabilities.

Step 3

Collate inputs to customise Rebar Easy for your company

Step 4

Test the solution

Step 5

Onboarding and training of solution

Step 6

Launch Rebar Easy on your site and start recieving orders!

Frequently asked questions

How is the solution built?


Our solution is built as a responsive web application, more specific Blazor and the .NET 6 framework. This allows for us to customise and tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Can you create a website which incorporates RebarEasy ordering solution?



How long does it take to get up and running?


5-6 weeks.

Will the solution plug in to our website?


Of course.

Is there a support desk for Rebar Easy?


The best there is.

Can we add specific functionality to the solution?


Yes, we do custom development for all our clients.